So I’ve taken a step that took 20 years in the making.  Literally.  I received my Private Pilot License (PPL) in May 1998, and started instrument training June of 2018.  Wow, that is hard to type.

Anyway, I am doing the rating under Part 141, which is very structured and so far I am enjoying.  I’ve completed 4 ground schools and 4 flights, all with passing scores.  Coming up next is the first Stage Check, which is like a mini check ride.  I will be flying with the Chief Pilot so I need to be on my absolute best “A” game.  Below are some things I’ve noticed so far:

  • I pay a LOT more attention to my flying.   I’ve heard over and over how getting your instrument rating is so helpful…I am starting to realize why now.
  • Even in non-flying activities like driving, I notice that I am more precise and paying attention to detail.
  • My non-instrument flying has improved, I flew the glider today after a 6 month gap and was surprised at how well I did given the time between flights.


All in all I can say if you have the time and money to get your instrument rating – do it!  You’ll be a much better pilot for it!