The EC-130Q and the TACAMO Mission PilotPhotog Podcast

Let's listen to the story of the EC-130Q and its mission to communicate with nuclear ballistic missile submarines in case of an attack.  Scott, who worked on the TACAMO mission shares with us details on how modified C-130s are used to "drag a wire" and orbit – creating an incredibly powerful transmitter that can send signals for hundreds and even thousands of miles.  This system is still in use today, learn all about the mission, and the personnel who maintain readiness 24/7. Thanks for listening, if you enjoy this episode, subscribe to this podcast, you can find links to many podcast streaming services here:PilotPhotog Podcast (buzzsprout.com)You can check out my YouTube channel for many videos on fighter planes here:https://youtube.com/c/PilotPhotogAnd finally you can follow me on Twitter here:https://twitter.com/pilotphotog
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