Switzerland Chooses the F-35 Lightning PilotPhotog Podcast

It’s official, Switzerland has chosen the Lockheed Martin F35A Lightning II as its newest fighter plane.  In a 5.5 Billion Dollar deal that adds a 15th nation to the growing base of F35 users, the agreement also comes alongside an additional 2.1 Billion dollar deal to buy the surface to air Patriot missile defense system.  Switzerland’s decision to procure the F35 has sent shockwaves throughout Europe.  The Lightning II beat out the  Dassault Rafale which is produced in France, the Eurofighter Typhoon which is jointly produced by Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain, and even the Boeing Super Hornet.  Additionally, Swiss voters decided to remove the Saab Gripen from Switzerland's fighter competition some seven years ago. If you enjoy this episode, subscribe to this podcast, you can find links to many podcast streaming services here:PilotPhotog Podcast (buzzsprout.com)You can check out my YouTube channel for many videos on fighter planes here:https://youtube.com/c/PilotPhotogIf you’d like to support this podcast:https://www.patreon.com/PilotPhotogAnd finally you can follow me on Twitter here:https://twitter.com/pilotphotog#F-35 #Lightning #Switzerland
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