Hello!  My name is Juan I am a licensed pilot for over 20 years and professional photographer for 10 years.   Since I can remember I’ve loved all things aviation – as a child I could name any aircraft passing overhead long before I knew the names of sports teams or cartoon characters.  fighter planes, civil airliners, private aircraft, helicopters, and kit planes – I knew them all.  The aviation bug bit me very early in life.  My heroes were the men and women who took to the sky and oftentimes braved the unknown, and by doing so paved the way for nearly every major technological advancement of the 20th century.

The idea of flight is amazing, and flight in an aircraft that is conceptualized, designed, tested, and flown is even more amazing to me.   Aircraft have to pack some of the most technologically advanced systems into their structures all while being mindful of the weight.  Aviation is a world where pounds are used for calculations and ounces matter.  

Flying is not a natural endeavor, and while some individuals seem to have the “right stuff” all pilots must be taught by patient and brave experts we call flight instructors.  After looking to the sky for decades, I soloed a Cessna Skyhawk in 1997 and obtained my Private Pilot certificate a year later.  It is still one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.Speaking of life, it sometimes gets in the way of things and in the ensuing 20 years I was not able to fly as often as I would have liked, remaining a Private Pilot for the duration.  I flew Young Eagles – an amazing program by EAA to encourage young people to enter aviation and made some incredible friends.  Along the way I’ve had some wonderful adventures, which I plan to share on my YouTube page.

I started this website to combine the two things I love most – aviation and photography.  

Welcome and thanks for reading, I plan on sharing my ongoing adventures in the sky and the light room.