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Boeing X-32 the other Joint Strike Fighter PilotPhotog Podcast

Easily one of the most interesting looking X planes, the X-32 was a technology concept demonstrator built by Boeing  which competed for what was at the time called the largest military contract in history, the Joint Strike Fighter or JSF.  The X-32 was a single engine delta wing stealth multirole fighter that would have been produced in three variants: an Air Force version, a carrier based Naval version, and a Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing or STOVL version.    This episode takes a look at how the X-32 was developed, the design decisions that were made along the way, and its competition against the X-35.If you enjoy this episode, subscribe to this podcast, you can find links to many podcast streaming services including Spotify here:PilotPhotog Podcast ( can check out my YouTube channel for many videos on fighter planes here: you’d like to support this podcast: finally you can follow me on Twitter here: #JSF #Boeing #competition
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